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To make a reservation, confirm or cancel a reservation please contact our office

RV Park Policy's

(Rule & Regulations)


  • SITE LIMIT:  A maximum of 6 Persons
  • EARLY DEPARTURE:  We require 3 Days Notice when deciding to leave earlier than the length of your original reservation to avoid a cancellation fee. If unable to give a 3 Day Notice, we will have to retain a 1 night Cancellation Fee and will issue a credit for the remaining nights. If you are able to give us the 3 Day notice you will be entitled to a full refund.

  • PARKING:  On your own site (gravel area) only. Do not encroach on your neighbors site! Deluxe Sites may park 2 vehicles per site. Standard Sites may park 1 vehicle per site only. All other additional vehicles will have to park on the street. This includes your guests that may come to visit.
  • CAMPSITE USE:  Only (1) RV is allowed per site (California Code of Regulations Title 25, Sub-Chapter 2). Washing of any vehicles without the Managements approval is prohibited!  Washing of vehicles by bucket and sponge only - No Hosing Off.  Working on vehicles is also prohibited anywhere on the premises.
  • TENTS:  No Tents or sleeping outside the rigs are permitted. This RV Park is not permitted for tent camping.
  • CHILDREN:  Children must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. This applies especially to the use of the restrooms, showers and laundry rooms. 
  • PETS:  Dogs must be kept penned or on a leash (max six (6) feet in length) at all times. All pets must not be left unattended while away from the RV Park or at night. Pet licenses and/or rabies certificates must be current. By California law you are strictly liable for injuries caused by your pet. No pets allowed in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Please pick up after your pet and please do not use our garden area or back or sites. There is plenty of areas around the periphery of the RV park where you may potty your pup. A $25 FEE will be charged for waste left behind in your site. Guests who have consistently noisy pets or who do not obey the rules may forfeit their rights of residency to assure the maximum pleasure of all guests.
  • FIRES:  Small fires in stoves, BBQ's or fire rings are permitted (on gravel areas only). You are responsible for leaving the BBQ clean for the next guest. No large fires at any time! Fires must always be attended to and extinguished prior to retiring for the evening or leaving your site. No hot embers in dumpsters. Please no hot items on picnic tables or benches.
  • WiFi:  All online activity is tracked by our ISP for compliance with federal laws governing internet piracy. Any illegal activity including the streaming, download or sharing of copyrighted materials is prohibited and may result in the permanent loss of WIFI privileges.
  • SEWER:  Use sewer hookups to dispose of all water. It is illegal to dump on the ground. Please do not flush baby wipes, personal hygiene towelettes, paper towels or dog poop bags down in site sewer or in restrooms. They plug our system and will cause a sewage overflow! 
  • TRASH DISPOSAL:  Your site shall remain clean at all times! Dumpsters are located at the north end of Park 1 behind the fence next to Site #10. Park 2 dumpsters are located at the south end behind wall by Site #1. Please recycle and separate your trash. Breakdown all cardboard boxes before depositing in recycle bin. Do not use the dumpsters to clean out your rig and to toss large items (old TV's, mattresses, furniture, awnings etc.). In our effort to keep the RV Park looking nice, we ask that you not leave boxes of items at the foot of the dumpsters thinking someone may want them. It would be best to take these items to Goodwill located in the Spencer's Market parking lot. Otherwise these items will be put in the trash.
  • SHOWER AND RESTROOMS:  Please help keep the restrooms clean!  Rinse off all sand at the outdoor showers before entering the restrooms.  Do not use bathroom sink for washing dishes or clothing.
  • OUTSIDE SHOWERS:  Please rinse off sand prior to using restrooms & showers. Outdoor shower in RV Park 1 is located at the bottom of the west steps near the office deck. Outdoor shower in RV Park 2 is located on the deck between the men's restroom & the laundry room.
  • LAUNDRY:  Coin operated laundry facilities are available for your convenience. Wash is $2.00 & dryers are .75 cents and takes quarters only. For your convenience we sell quarters in the office. Please no clothes lines at your site as they are hazardous and unsightly. Please do not ties any lines or ropes to our fences or trees, not hang anything on the fences.
  • SMOKING:  Please NO SMOKING in office, restrooms and laundry rooms.  A $25 Clean-up Fee will be charged to your credit card on file if your site is not free from cigarette, cigar butts or tobacco chews.
  • FISHING:  Fish cutting stations are provided at the boat launch at Tidelands Park located at the south end of the Embarcadero. Please do not cut your fish on the premises and throw the fish cuttings in our dumpsters or recycle cans.
  • FIREARMS AND FIREWORKS:  Local ordinances prohibit the use of firearms, firecrackers or other explosives in or around the RV Park.
  • DRONES:  The use of Drones are prohibited to fly in and above the RV Park grounds. This policy is to protect our guests privacy and minimize the noise in the park.
  • SOLICITING:  The soliciting, selling, peddling of goods or the distribution of circulars are prohibited. We do have a space in the office that you can leave a circular for the guests with the managements approval.
  • NON-COMPLIANCE:   At the Morro Strand RV Park, it is our intention to have a clean, quiet, peaceful park; Therefore, our park policies are those which extend courtesies to your neighbors. We reserve the right to evict anyone (without Refund) who refuses to abide by park policies, violations or laws or ordinances or for creating a disturbance or nuisance. Registered guests will assume all financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused by any member of their party or visitors.
  • NON-RESPONSIBILITY:  The owner & management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or losses of any kind from any cause.
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